The underlying principles of mid-century modern design are arguably more applicable than ever: clean simplicity and integration with nature. Sounds great, right? Well, not for your pocket book.

While mid-century modern design is perhaps more prevalent and available than ever, many brokers in mid-century pieces are quite pricey. While the best of pieces are the works of masters, there are tons of projects that you can dive into yourself. Check out some of the most inspiring mid-century modern DIY pieces we’ve found below!

1.) DIY Mid-Century Modern Wall Art

Ok, now don’t be alarmed by the art bit here. It was only revoluationary because it hadn’t been done. But now that we’ve seen what minimal decorations can be, you too can deck your place out with beautiful mid-century modern art. Our tips, plan out your piece, imitate something simple you like, and cool your jets. Minimalism loves precision. That’s not hard, just involves finding the right stencils. An alternate idea features framing fabric with mid century prints on it.

2.) Frank Lloyd Wright Designed Wall Paper

Ok, we get that wallpaper isn’t exactly DIY. But hey, most DIY projects require a few purchases. And this is a piece ACTUALLY designed by Frank Lloyd Wright that you can include in your space. At $3.50 per 1 by 2 foot lengths, these patterns can fill up a wall for less than $100. You can also feel good about purchasing this wallpaper, which helps to support the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, the group responsible for the preservation of Wrights designs.

3.) Mid Century Mailbox Lettering

This is a personal favorite that I’ve started to notice on houses in my neighborhood. Mid-Century fonts can be affixed to mailboxes or distressed wood on the front of your house. One of the best deals available can be found on Amazon for $15.00 and features Richard Neutra’s Neutraface, an opening, clean, and unobtrusive font.

4.) Mid-Century NightStand

The first of our real construction projects is perhaps the easiest as well. This project utilizes some sleek hairpin table legs that can be bought on Amazon for less than $40 and a few square feet of plywood. We found it interesting that the sparseness of undecorated plywood, as well as the clean lines that compose the sideview of the wood really make this piece shine in a modern sense.

5.) *Fancier* Mid-Century Nightstand

Perhaps for the DIY’er with a little bit more carpentry experience under their belt, this nightstand amazingly costs even less than #4. As with a number of furniture pieces in our list, clean wood finishes and tapered furniture legs do most of the heavy lifting in making this minimalist masterpiece.

mid century modern coffee table

side table

night stand

rustic mid century sofa

mid century modern desk

mid century modern credenza

cocktail glasses

mid century modern desk unit


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